Body Contouring Surgery

Body Contouring Surgery

Now that you have lost all that weight, whether through gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery or through diet and exercise, let Dr. Varkony and his friendly staff at the Plastic Surgery Center show you how you can really look great.

One of the problems that patients have when they lose a large amount of weight is loose, hanging skin. By removing this loose skin through the use of various plastic surgical “tucks,” in just a few hours you can be on your way to having the body you dreamed of and look better both in and out of clothing. People who spend lots of money on clothes quickly realize that while clothes are important, it is body shape that really makes the difference. There is very little discomfort and most patients are back at work in a few days.

One of the areas that is most affected after massive weight loss is your face. In fact, many people look older than their actual age after losing a large amount of weight because of the excess, hanging skin that appears in their face. This is where a facelift, mini-facelift, necklift, corset necklift, eyelid surgery among other types of facial rejuvenation surgery can really have an effect on improving your appearance- please see the section on facial surgery.

Many women find that when they lose a large amount of weight, their breasts actually shrink in size while simultaneously sagging to a great extent. A solution to this problem often involves placing a breast implant while at the same time performing a breast lift procedure- please see the section on breast surgery.

A large amount of weight loss also results in a large amount of skin hanging down in front of the abdomen in the form of an “apron.” This is where a tummy tuck, with or without abdominal muscle tightening can help to reshape the abdominal wall in order to give you back a firmer, flatter abdomen that looks better both in and out of clothing- please see the section on abdominal surgery.

Another common result of losing a large amount of weight is loose skin hanging down from your upper arms. Dr. Steven Varkony has developed an operation called the Amazing “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift. Utilizing our unique approach, this surgery gets rid of the excess, hanging skin using a hidden scar, a scar lying transversely (horizontally) across the armpit! Now you can have tighter, younger- looking arms without anyone knowing that you had surgery. Yes, you can wear short sleeves again! After surgery your arms are tighter, slimmer and younger –looking. People love the results of the Amazing “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift. Over and over again, we hear how great a difference this surgery has made in our patients’ lives. Please see the section on the Amazing “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift.

Most plastic surgery after large weight loss is done on an out- patient basis. You can have your surgery and be back at home or in your hotel room in the afternoon. An overnight stay in a post- operative nursing facility or a private nurse in your home or hotel room for the first day can be arranged if desired. Most people return to work 3-4 days after surgery. There is usually little discomfort associated with most procedures. In addition, lasering is available to reduce the visibility of scars should they arise. Ask us which technique is right for you.

Are you a woman getting married and want to look great in that dress? Imagine being able to fit into that dress you have been eyeing, showing up and looking great! Do you work out all the time but can’t seem to get the body you desire due to all that loose skin? Imagine going that last mile and having the body you have always dreamed of! Do you have an important event coming up in your life? A high school or college reunion? Do you just want to look great on the beach this summer?

Plastic surgery after a large weight loss can be combined with other procedures such as facial surgery, breast surgery, arm surgery, thigh and body lifts, as well as abdominal surgery to give you maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. You recover from these procedures simultaneously with the least amount of time off work.

Thousands of patients can attest to the beautiful results they have obtained through Dr. Varkony’s surgery. He appears regularly in numerous mainstream media magazines and newspapers and is also frequently on television. Dr. Varkony has been quoted and written about in The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, Life and Style, Oxygen Magazine, In Touch, First For Women, Star Magazine, among others. Dr. Varkony has appeared on television and has done surgery on Discovery Health Channel, MTV’s “I Want a Famous Face”, Primetime with Diane Sawyer, Univision’s Primer Impacto, and British Television. We have a large celebrity practice and have operated on many of Hollywood’s famous.

From your very first consultation, we will work with you to achieve the look that you desire. Every person is an individual with a different body shape. Each patient has different needs and desires. Dr. Varkony’s unique approach tailors your surgery to you as an individual, bearing in mind your specific desires and goals. This way you have the highest likelihood of achieving your own personal idea of what your body should look like.

Whatever your goals are and whichever type of surgery you ultimately choose, Dr. Varkony and his friendly staff will do their best to make sure that your surgical experience, from first consultation, through surgery in our fully- accredited, state of the art surgery center, and throughout the post- operative period, is pleasant, safe, comfortable and very confidential. We want you to say, “Had I known it was so easy, I would have done this years ago!” That is how most of our patients feel after they have had surgery here with us at the Plastic Surgery Center.

If there is anything you need, from overnight stays to transportation, let our staff know and we’ll be glad to help. Our many European, Latin American and Asian patients already know how helpful we can be to patients visiting us from out of town! If you are coming from outside the country or from another city here in the United States, we are also happy to arrange consultations and surgery that will fit in nicely with your travel plans.

Don’t wait any longer. Schedule your consultation with us and be on your way to a new you!

Please see arm tuck, tummy tuck, and breast surgery photos.

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