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Neck & Facial Liposuction in Encino

Neck & Facial Liposuction in Encino

Neck liposuction and facial liposuction are separate but related procedures which can be performed together. As with all liposuction procedures, excess fat is extracted from the neck and/or face to create appealing new contours and enhance definition in the targeted areas.

Even patients who are doing everything right in terms of diet and exercise can have excess facial fat and surgery may be the only means of addressing it. Moreover, research has indicated that what patients call a double chin (medically known as submental fat) can harm an individual’s self-esteem, and other types of facial fat are not much better. With the help of intelligently applied liposuction, however, patients can enjoy a more youthful and slimmer look with relatively little downtime.

Neck Liposuction

Dr. Varkony is one of the few plastic surgeons in Southern California to employ VASER ultrasound liposuction to achieve a more uniform, complete, and cosmetically appealing liposuction outcome. Please click her for more details.

During neck liposuction, excess fat beneath the chin and along the neckline is removed, creating a more defined jawline. Incisions are made under the chin and behind the earlobes to minimize visible scarring. Recovery time is typically relatively brief compared to other procedures.

This type of liposuction should not be confused with a neck lift as no skin is removed during the procedure. The two procedures can, however, be performed simultaneously as part of an overall facial rejuvenation effort.

Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction similarly removes excess fat, except the targeted areas usually include jowls and cheek areas. If excess skin removal is desired, a facelift can be performed at the time of liposuction.

Unwanted cheek fat can also be due to deeper fat that can’t be accessed through liposuction. This deep fat, known as the buccal fat pad, can be removed through an incision in the mouth. Cheek thinning, also known as buccal fat pad removal, is available for patients who want a more streamlined appearance that emphasizes their cheekbones. Along with suctioning out fat, Dr. Varkony surgically removes the excess fat pads from the cheek area. Please click here for more information on buccal fat pad removal.

For more information on plastic surgery in Encino, call the number on our screen or visit our contact page. Dr. Varkony helps patients throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area including Sherman Oaks, Studio City, North Hollywood, Burbank, Beverly Hills, and West Los Angeles.


Frequently Asked Questions About Facelifts

Who Gets Neck and Facial Liposuction?

Most neck and/or facial liposuction patients are between 20 and 50 years old. Healthy skin elasticity is desirable for successful liposuction. Patients who have issues with sagging skin will likely want to explore facelifts, neck lifts, or other rejuvenation procedures.

What are the Benefits of Getting Neck and Facial Liposuction Together?

For those patients who need both facial and neck liposuction, performing procedures simultaneously is usually a more efficient approach that can reduce total costs and downtime compared to having the procedures performed separately. It also maximizes Dr. Varkony’s ability to ensure the procedures work together in visual harmony.


Facial procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and most patients go home the same day. Patients will need someone, usually a close friend or relative, to take them home from the procedure. It is also essential that someone stays with the patient the first night following the procedure.

Dr. Varkony will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection and other medication as needed. Patients will also be provided with detailed instructions on how to ensure the best outcomes during their recovery.

Bruising and discoloration are minimal following facial surgery. Dr. Varkony prescribes medication that specifically decreases swelling and bruising. If present, swelling and bruising will quickly subside over time but, while normal activities can be resumed relatively quickly, many patients may wish to work at home for about a week.

Some minor discomfort may occur immediately following the procedure but this can typically be handled with acetaminophen (Tylenol) or other appropriate medications as recommended or prescribed by Dr. Varkony. Most patients report very little, if any, pain following the procedure.

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