Breast Lift

(Also known as mastopexy)

For women who want to correct sag and look higher and “perkier” without going much larger, breast lifting is available in variety of techniques. Sometimes Dr. Varkony combines a breast lift with a small implant, not only to raise the breast, but to give more fullness to the upper pole.

Through a combination of listening to your appearance goals, careful measurements and extensive experience, Dr. Varkony can help you achieve your new look.

If you are interested in a breast lift, request a consultation online with Dr. Steven Varkony, or call our office at (818) 907-9090 to schedule your complimentary consultation today, and be on the way to the new you!

You deserve it!

Frequently asked questions about the breast augmentation procedure.

Here you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the breast augmentation procedure, but feel free to contact our office with any unanswered queries. We are here to help in any way we can.

Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?

If you’ve become increasingly unhappy about the sagging of your breasts, you may wonder what surgery can do. Don’t be surprised if your surgeon suggests combining breast augmentation with your lift; adjunct procedures may be necessary to achieve your goals.

The following are some common reasons why you may want to consider a breast lift:

  • Breasts that lack substance or firmness.
  • Nipples and areolas that point downward, especially if they are positioned below the breast crease.
  • Breasts that appear different from each other; one breast may appear firm and well positioned while the other does not.
  • Breasts that are not equal in size.
  • You are finished with childbearing and breast-feeding. If you plan to have children, you may want to postpone cosmetic breast surgery. Pregnancy may stretch the breasts and reduce their volume, compromising surgery benefits.

Where is the location of the incision?

There are 3 main patterns of breast lift, depending on how much droop there is to correct. The one with the shortest scar is known as the “donut” lift, also called the circumareolar lift. This design works for women who just need a minor degree of lift or who wish to have the areolar size reduced, if it is overly large. In this operation, there is no scar down the front of the breast, or in the crease. This lift is commonly combined with a breast augmentation, for women that would like a small degree of elevation of the nipple-areola at the time of their augmentation.  Since it has the smallest incision, it is also the mildest of the lifting operations.

For intermediate cases, a “vertical mastopexy” is performed. This permits a greater degree of elevation and tightening of the breast than the donut lift. In this situation, the incision still goes around the nipple-areolar complex, but now extends down the front of the breast. There is no horizontal incision in the crease.

For cases where there is a lot of stretched-out breast skin, and high degrees of breast ptosis (droop), the traditional “inverted-T” mastopexy is used. This design includes the horizontal incision in the crease as well.

Can additional procedures be performed at the same time as a breast lift?

Yes, many patients combine a breast augmentation, if necessary, to achieve the result they desire. Additionally, this can be done in combination with multiple procedures, which is sometimes referred to as a mommy makeover.

How long does a breast lift take?

Breast lift procedure can take anywhere between 1 and 3 hours, but longer if additional procedures are added to the surgery.

Is the recovery from a breast lift painful?

Not typically. Since the operation doesn’t involve any modification of the pectoral muscle, the recovery is usually quite quick. Patients are back to work after approximately 3-4 days. You will have to limit your activities until the incisions are well healed.

How long will a breast lift last?

Unfortunately, time and gravity march on for all of us. Women who have stretchy tissue that allowed breast droop to develop in the first place will tend to have some recurrence of this over time. However, their breast shape is always better than if they had never had the operation, and better than their unoperated friends. Most women will have a significant improvement for between 10 to 12 years.  A second surgery can be performed, if needed.

What type of anesthesia is used?

General anesthesia will be used, which means you will be completely asleep and pain-free during the entire case. During surgery you will be closely monitored by one of our board-certified MD anesthesiologists.

Where is the procedure performed?

Procedures are done in a fully certified out- patient surgical center.

What is the cost of a breast lift?

The fee for a breast lift depends on the length of the procedure. During your examination, Dr. Varkony will go over the estimated time, and you will meet with his patient care coordinator you go over fees

Do I need to see my own doctor before a breast lift?

All patients require basic lab tests, medical clearance and history & physical from their primary care physician. If the patient is over the age of 45 we require an EKG along with the standard testing.

Will I need someone caring for me after the procedure?

One should generally have someone with them the first day or so following any surgery.

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