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Hidden Scar Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement procedures have given millions of women added confidence.* However, as with all surgeries, some scarring is an inevitable side effect. Good plastic surgeons work hard to make sure that the scars from these procedures, also referred to as breast augmentations, are as inconspicuous as possible. Even so, not all plastic surgeons are the same.

Los Angeles board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven J. Varkony has developed a procedure that produces beautiful outcomes while also being by far the most effective means of ensuring that breast enlargement scars are mostly concealed. We’ll explain how it works.

Breast augmentation Encino

Placing the Incision in the Underarm Area

Breasts are typically the most prominent feature on a woman’s torso. The underarm area, on the other hand, is one of the least looked at parts of anyone’s body. Dr. Varkony takes advantage of the proximity of these two body parts by placing his incision in a crease in the armpit, where it is much less likely to be noticed by the patient or anyone else. Since no incision is made on the actual breast, there is no scar on the breast at all.

Hiding in Plain Site

Underarms are not only naturally inconspicuous; they also have many natural creases similar to those in the palm of your hands. When an incision that is placed in a natural crease heals, it simply looks like part of the crease! Procedures like those where the incision is made in the areola always create scars that are visible to some degree, sometimes for years after the procedure.

Many of Dr. Varkony’s patients have reported that others are unable to distinguish between their naturally occurring creases and their postoperative scars, even if they know where to look.

How are Hidden Scar Breast Enlargements Performed?

Performing a hidden scar breast enlargement means that there is no incision or scar on the breast itself because the only incision is in the underarm area. The procedure is usually performed in one of two ways:

  • Subglandular, in which the implant is placed behind the breast gland but in front of the breast muscle, the pectoralis major. Dr. Varkony may select this procedure when the patient’s ribs are very prominent, the pectoralis major is particularly thick, or if the mammary gland is much lower than the chest muscle. In this case, putting the implant underneath the muscle may create a large bulge in the upper area of the breast, so better outcomes are achieved by putting it behind the breast itself.
  • Subpectoral, in which the implant goes underneath the pectoralis major muscle. This approach is usually best for smaller patients with less breast tissue. Putting the implant under the muscle conceals it from the eye and to the touch. The natural position of the breast is over the muscle so Dr. Varkony tries to recreate that as much as possible. The doctor also prefers a subglandular approach for patients with more prominent anterior (front) ribs so as not to increase their prominence by lifting the muscle. The goal is to avoid creating the appearance of a large bulge in the upper pole area of the breast. Breasts are naturally bottom heavy so a top-heavy appearance looks notably less natural.

If you are interested in breast augmentation, request a consultation online with Dr. Varkony today to start becoming the new you! Just call our office at (818) 907-9090 or visit our contact page to schedule your complimentary consultation. Breast augmentation in Encino with Dr. Varkony is just a phone call away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hidden Scar Breast Enlargement

What Type of Implant does Dr. Varkony Recommend?

Dr. Varkony uses two types of implants though he strongly leans in favor of the first of these types:

  • “Gummy Bear” Silicone Implants.Most of Dr. Varkony’s patients get cohesive gel silicone implants also known as “gummy bear implants.” They feel more natural than other types of implants and feel softer in a way that more closely resembles breast tissue. Implants in past decades were filled with a type of liquid silicone. Gummy bear implants, however, resemble a clear bag of sticky jello-like cohesive silicone gel. If someone slices through a gummy bear silicone implant with a knife, on the other hand, it will be remain in two cohesive pieces.
  • Saline Implants. Saline, or salt water, implants tend to work best with women who already have a fair amount of breast tissue. Like the difference between a bag of honey and a bag of water, silicone implants have a more natural “feel,” are softer and have less of a tendency to be palpable through the skin. Both implants come in textured and smooth varieties, although most surgeons prefer smooth, as they have a thinner shell and move more naturally on a woman’s chest wall.
How Long are Hidden Scar Breast Enlargement Procedures?

Surgeries are usually completed in about thirty minutes, with the patient present in the operating room somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes.

Is the Hidden Scar Breast Enlargement Recovery Process Very Painful?

No. There is very little postoperative discomfort for patients who received subglandular implants that go under the breast tissue. Patients who get subpectoral implants that go under the muscle will feel discomfort similar to what they might experience after a hard workout. This can typically be handled with prescribed pain medications.

How Much Downtime Follows the Procedure?

Most patients can get back to work within roughly three to four days. A woman who gets a procedure on a Thursday or Friday can usually be back at work by Monday or Tuesday.

What Type of Anesthetic is Used?

Dr. Varkony typically employs a light general anesthetic. The procedure can also sometimes be performed under less extensive “twilight” anesthesia.

Ready For a Boost of Confidence?

Dr. Steven J. Varkony is a leader in all types of plastic surgery. Alongside “hidden scar breast enlargement,” he has performed countless breast lifts and breast reductions, as well as implant removal and replacement procedures. If you are interested in plastic surgery from the leader in the field, please call our office at the number on your screen or visit our contact page.

Dr. Varkony’s Encino office is located in the heart of the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley area. He sees patients from throughout California and beyond, including residents of Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Northridge, North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and Studio City.

Feel free to take a look at our social media pages on Instagram to see various examples of the before and after photos and videos of how the surgery is done.

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