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Brow Lift Encino

Also referred to as a forehead lift

A brow lift tightens the sagging tissues of the brow to restore a more youthful contour. It not only affects the brow area but also the eyebrows. Brow lifts are among the oldest plastic surgeries and have been performed with increasingly good results for over a century.

There are four primary methods for performing a brow lift:

  • Endoscopic: Four to five incisions are made behind the hairline through which an endoscope (a tiny camera used for minimally invasive procedures) and other surgical instruments can be inserted. The skin is separated from the underlying tissues, which are then pulled upwards and tightened before they are sutured in place and the incisions are closed.
  • Coronal: A single incision is made above the hairline from ear to ear. The skin and tissues of the forehead are then tightened, with excess tissues removed, before the remaining tissues are secured and the incision closed.
  • Temporal: An incision is made above the hairline at each temple area. Then, the underlying skin and tissues are raised and tightened. This procedure is performed to lift the outer brow area.

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Questions and Answers about Brow Lifts

What do we mean by “a youthful brow” when we talk about brow lift surgery outcomes?

A youthful eyebrow at rest is positioned above the orbital rim, with a gradual arch laterally, and the latter end of the “tail” of the brow located higher than the median end. As we age, it is common for the eyebrow to assume a flat or horizontal position and a brow lift corrects that.

Who is a good candidate for a brow lift?

Individuals in good general health who are bothered by a forehead they see as overly creased or wrinkled are usually candidates. Specifically, patients taking any blood-thinning medications must be able to discontinue them for several days before surgery.

What procedures can complement a browlift?

Numerous types of procedures can rejuvenate various areas of the face and may be combined with a brow lift. These include:

  • Facelift: Improves the mid to lower face, from cheekbone to chin and jawline
  • Upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation): Targets the orbital area, around the eyes from the cheekbone to the brow bone
  • Neck lift: Treats sagging and wrinkling in the neck area, from chin to collar bone
  • Platysmaplasty: Treats hanging, vertical bands in the neck under the chin area and creates an internal corset to tighten the neck.
Can multiple procedures be done at the same time?

Yes. Combining complementary surgeries is common practice. Doing multiple procedures on the same day typically does not lengthen recovery time.

Do patients need clearance from their regular doctor?

Yes. All patients require medical clearance, basic lab tests, their medical history, and a physical from their primary care physician before surgery. If the patient is 45 or over we also require an EKG.

What kind of anesthetic will be used?

General anesthesia and twilight anesthesia are available to keep patients pain-free during the entire operation. However, patients with less involved procedures may do very well with lighter sedation and will be kept completely comfortable throughout.  For maximum safety, we always use a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Do patients require a caretaker after the procedure?

Yes. Patients will require a family member or friend to be with them immediately after the procedure as per the doctor’s instructions.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of surgery depends on the type of brow lift as well as whether other procedures are being performed at the same time. A brow lift by itself does not typically require more than an hour.

How long is the recovery time?

Initial wound healing may take 10 to 14 days. Most patients are ready to return to work nine to 10 days after surgery.

How much pain should I expect following a procedure?

Patients may experience some tightness around the forehead and eyes, but any discomfort is controllable with prescribed medications. Most facial surgery is not painful.

Will scars be present after the surgery?

The scars are well hidden and are usually only noticeable by the patient. Scars are always present but a good plastic surgeon knows how to hide them and how to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

How long do the results last?

Brow lift surgery provides long-lasting correction and the results usually last for many years. However, it cannot stop the natural aging process. A rejuvenated appearance will age naturally after the procedure.

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