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“Hidden Scar” Arm Lift - Arm Lift Surgery Hides Scars in Armpits

Also Known as Transverse Brachioplasty

Did you ever wave to someone only to be horrified at how the skin underneath your upper arm flaps back and forth? Unfortunately, as we age our skin becomes stretched and loose. The upper arms give away a person’s age, as the excess skin can’t be hidden, except by clothes. The traditional surgery for this condition is an arm lift. This surgery used to involve a long scar down the inside of the upper arm, from armpit to elbow. This has the effect of removing the excess, hanging skin but results in a scar that is worse looking than the original flabby skin.

Dr. Steven Varkony has developed an operation called the “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift. Utilizing his unique approach, this surgery gets rid of the old-fashioned, ugly, vertical scar and replaces it with a “hidden scar,” a scar lying transversely (horizontally) across the armpit. Now you can have tighter, younger-looking arms with hardly anyone knowing that you had surgery. Yes, you can wear short sleeves again! After surgery, your arms are tighter, slimmer, and younger-looking. People love the results of this very special kind of arm lift. Over and over again, we hear how great a difference this surgery has made in our patients’ lives.

Hidden Scar Arm Lift

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Frequently asked questions about the “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift procedure.

Am I a good candidate for a “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift?

Most people qualify as candidates for the Amazing “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift, especially those people with loose skin from aging, heredity (inheriting loose skin from their parents), or from moderate weight loss. This surgery is not, however, for those who have lost a substantial amount of weight from stomach stapling procedures, etc. For other arm procedures, please see the section on cosmetic surgery following weight loss surgery. If you feel you are the right candidate, please contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation, and get one step closer to being the new you.

What is the difference between the “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift and a Traditional Arm Lift?

The traditional Arm Lift surgery involves a long scar down the inside of the upper arm, from armpit to elbow. This has the effect of removing the excess, hanging skin but results in a scar that is worse looking than the original flabby skin. The “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift has a scar lying transversely (horizontally) across the armpit. Offering tighter, younger looking arms without anyone knowing that you had surgery.

What is the cost of a “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift?

The fee for a “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift varies from person to person, as no two people are the same. Dr. Steven Varkony and his patient care coordinator will be able to provide you with a quote following your complimentary examination.

What is the recovery time and when will I be able to return to work?

There is little discomfort and although it depends on the person and of course the job (!), most people can be back at work within 3 days. By 7-10 days, the incisions are usually healed well enough to allow patients to resume lower body exercise, including various forms of cardio (stair- stepper, elliptical machines, biking, walking and running). Also, possible at this time are lower body weight exercises. Arm exercises are delayed longer, however, usually 6-8 weeks.

Will I need someone caring for me following the procedure?

One should generally have someone with them the first day or following any surgery.

Will I need to stay overnight following the procedure?

You can have surgery in the morning and be back home or in your hotel room in the afternoon. An overnight stay in a post- operative nursing facility or a private nurse in your home or hotel room for the first day can be arranged if desired.

What type of anesthesia is used?

General anesthesia will be used, which means you will be completely asleep and pain-free during the entire case. During surgery you will be closely monitored by one of our board-certified anesthesiologists.

Where is the procedure performed?

Procedures are done in our fully certified out-patient surgical center.

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