Plastic Surgery for Career Advancement

Plastic Surgery for Career Advancement

It’s simply a fact that many people opt for plastic surgery to help them achieve greater career success. Whether it’s an unusually prominent nose or ears, dark circles under the eyes, or flabby arms, features a patient may consider unappealing can hamper anyone’s confidence, making career goals more difficult to achieve in a competitive world. Professionals in their middle years and beyond might be especially inclined to undergo procedures to reverse the more obvious signs of aging to avoid being perceived as somehow less relevant and engaged in our youth-oriented business world.

As a leading Los Angeles area board-certified plastic surgeon in Encino, Dr. Steven J. Varkony has helped people from all walks of life get the most out of their lives and careers by helping them to be more comfortable with the way they present themselves to the world.

Plastic Surgery Procedures for Self-Confidence

Since the face is the most frequently visible part of the body, it’s not surprising that many professionals focus on their facial appearance. Facelifts (rhytidectomies), eyelid lifts, and procedures targeting fat deposits or wrinkling in the neck can all help patients feel more comfortable with the face they see in the mirror while getting themselves ready for a business meeting or a day on the job.  Even rhinoplasty (“nose jobs”) can subtly help to create a younger impression as our noses continue to grow as we age so most people subconsciously associate more prominent noses with older people.

Since women tend to wear clothes that are somewhat more revealing of features such as arms, arm lifts have become an increasingly popular procedure for female plastic surgery patients. One drawback to this otherwise desirable procedure has been fairly prominent scarring on the underside of the arm. Dr. Varkony has attracted a lot of attention from women in numerous professions for his Hidden Scar Arm Lift, which moves the incision to the armpit where it will be vastly less conspicuous.

Whatever features may most concern a patient who is trying to maximize their relevance and self-confidence in today’s world, there is very likely a procedure to address it.

Plastic Surgery in Encino

For more information about Encino plastic surgery with Dr. Steven J. Varkony, call the phone number on your screen or visit our contact page. He’ll be able to help you determine the best course of action to achieve your desired results. Dr. Varkony serves the entire San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles area including Sherman Oaks, Studio City, North Hollywood. Tarzana, Reseda, and Woodland Hills as well as Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Santa Monica.

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