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What is VASER Ultrasound Liposuction?

What is VASER Ultrasound Liposuction?

Sometimes referred to as high-def liposuction, VASER ultrasound liposuction removes unwanted body fat more thoroughly and evenly when compared to other liposuction technology. Often, it is able to reveal previously hidden muscles. If desired, it is able to sculpt out a “six-pack.”

VASER is an acronym for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance. It employs the power of ultrasound to break up fat attachments before using suction to remove the fat from the body. This differs from standard liposuction, which separates the fat mechanically using a metal cannula (tube).

There are two primary advantages to using a VASER device. Ultrasonic frequencies generate sound waves, not heat, to loosen fat that may not be accessible otherwise, allowing more of the unwanted fatty tissue to be removed. The result is notably more dramatic outcomes in terms of uncovering muscles that had previously been covered in fatty tissue.

The less obvious but equally important advantage is that VASER reduces blood loss and improves skin retraction (tightening of the skin).* The sound waves are specifically tuned to be absorbed by fat and don’t affect nerves and blood vessels to the same degree, resulting in less bruising and pain. This translates into a more rapid recovery and less discomfort.

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VASER Ultrasound Liposuction Goes Full Circle

VASER 360 ultrasound liposuction focuses on multiple areas at once, allowing a plastic surgeon to create an abdomen, posterior waist, and hips in visual harmony. Usually, this entails a liposuction of upper and lower abdomen, the flanks, the posterior waist and hip areas, as well as the sacral area at the base of the spine, a region that is often overlooked by some surgeons but the liposuction of which contributes to the overall youthfulness and contouring of the buttocks during a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift).

VASER 360 ultrasound liposuction, however, allows leading plastic surgeons like Dr. Steven J. Varkony to create the most impressive results possible with a higher level of safety and a shortened recovery period.

Who Gets VASER 360 Ultrasound Liposuction?

Almost anyone who wishes to have a sculpted abdomen, flanks, posterior hips and waist as well as the sacral area (the small of the back) in some combination, is a candidate, provided that they are in good health. The fat can also be used to lift and improve the shape of the buttocks (with a BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift) to give the patient a more youthful and attractive rear-end.

What Parts of the Body are Covered by VASER 360?

A VASER 360 ultrasound liposuction with Dr. Steven Varkony will typically include the following areas:

  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Posterior waist
  • Posterior hips
  • Sacral area
  • Other areas can be added to these including the neck, under the chin, the arms, the inner and outer thighs, the inner knees, bra rolls, etc.

The sacral area is what many of us refer to as the small of the back. It’s the region around the sacrum, a bone shaped like a shield that is located at the base of the spine. The posterior hips, waist, and flanks together form what are called “love handles.”

Getting VASER 360 Ultrasound Liposuction

Before a procedure, Dr. Varkony and his team will brief patients thoroughly on what to expect in their specific case. At the same time, all patients will be carefully screened to ensure they can safely benefit from the procedure.

VASER 360 Ultrasound Liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis and most people can return to their home or hotel room shortly after surgery. While it will be necessary to wear a compression garment for roughly a month and it will take several weeks to start seeing the full result of the surgery, most patients can return to their normal sedentary work routines within a day or two.

If having a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the patient will have to refrain from lying on their back or sitting for 10 days. They will be able to lie on their side or abdomen and will have to stand or kneel to do deskwork for 10 days after surgery. This is to keep pressure off the transferred fat cells while they are healing and growing a new blood supply.

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Get Started with Dr. Varkony

Dr. Steven J. Varkony is one of Los Angeles’s most respected board-certified plastic surgeons. Based in Encino, as of this writing he is the only plastic surgeon in the San Fernando Valley area offering VASER ultrasound liposuction. For more information, please call the number on your screen or visit our contact page.

Dr. Varkony sees patients from throughout the Greater LA area including Westwood, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Burbank, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills.

To see various examples of before and after photos as well as videos of how surgery is done, please seek out our Instagram page.

Patients who are interested in learning more about a VASER ultrasound liposuction or any other procedure with Dr. Varkony are invited to call his office at the number on their screen or through our contact page.

Dr. Steven J. Varkony’s office is located in Encino in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. He sees patients from throughout Southern California and beyond, including residents of Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Burbank, North Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, and Woodland Hills.

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