Can You Afford Plastic Surgery?

Can You Afford Plastic Surgery?

People often have contradictory impressions about plastic surgery. On the one hand, they may think it’s so expensive that it’s really only for movie stars, pop music idols, supermodels, and “real” housewives. On the other hand, too many people considering a procedure think it’s a good idea to shop around for the least expensive one, sometimes in foreign countries with lax medical regulation. If you do the latter, you’re subjecting yourself to real danger and will likely get results that are disappointing at best; if you believe the former, however, you may be missing out on a legitimate opportunity to feel and look your very best. Plastic surgery with a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon is very likely within your reach.

Your Well-being is Worth Paying For

Cosmetic plastic surgery is usually not covered by insurance unless it’s something like a breast reduction for back pain, a tummy tuck for recurrent rashes, etc. At the same time, it’s a mistake to assume you cannot afford a procedure until you have some idea of the actual cost – and the only way to know is to set up a consultation where a plastic surgeon can examine you and discuss the work you’re interested in. If the amount is more than you can afford, busy plastic surgeons like Dr. Steven Varkony typically offer payment plans that can usually be designed to fit into a patient’s budget.

What you should not do is start looking around for a place to get the same procedure at a lower price. First of all, it won’t be the same procedure. Plastic surgery is an art as well as medical science. A less experienced and knowledgeable physician with a less well-honed esthetic sense will produce less satisfactory results whether the procedure is breast augmentation, a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), or a facelift.

The more you shop on price, the greater the risk you are taking with your well-being and the more you are likely to have to spend in the long run on revision procedures. We’ve all heard the horror stories of botched procedures that resulted in unsatisfactory outcomes and severe health consequences. Even when patients avoid the worst, they may end up with very disappointing results or unpleasant complications that will end up costing far more to have revised by a second plastic surgeon. If the problem is bad enough, even the best plastic surgeon may be unable to fix the damage. The added financial cost, the wasted time, and the needless suffering can be enormous. Getting it done right the first time is always the sensible move.

Shopping on Quality and Track Record

Your choice of a plastic surgeon may be one of the most important of your lifetime. To begin with, only consider board-certified plastic surgeons who have proven their ability by undergoing several years of training and a rigorous examination process. But that’s only a baseline. You should look for a plastic surgeon who has produced the kind of results you’re hoping for both as displayed in before-and-after pictures as well as testimonials from former patients. Dr. Varkony will listen to your concerns and is highly regarded for his patient care and availability.

Los Angeles-based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Varkony has garnered a 4.9/5.0 on Google and his outcomes can be seen on his online gallery. To set up a consultation, call the number on your screen or reach out by e-mail at

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